Here at MX Services, we strive to help our customers achieve their greatest level of confidence, performance, and joy with their machine.

We offer comprehensive motocross services.

Specialist suspension services | Engine and Wheel building | Vapour blasting | Tyres | Motocross kit | Plus more |

BCMS’ specialist services are carried out using only high quality parts and lubricants. With our work carried out to exacting standards, that are continually evolving- alongside the advancements in technology and techniques.

We also cover general race-prepping and servicing requirements, MOT tests arranged, tyres supplied, fitted and balanced (including cars, vans, caravans and trailer tyres), and much more.

Suspension Services

As a specialist in motocross suspension, we offer an array of services.

Re-valving| Personalised setups | Suspension servicing | Complete suspension rebuilds | Specialist coatings |

Click more to learn more about what we can offer, and some of the equipment we use.

Engine and Wheelbuilding

Full engine and wheel building services are offered.

All aspects of engine work undertaken.
| Crank truing | Gearbox rebuilds | Aftermarket upgrade parts, supplied and fitted | Wheel building, respoking and truing | Tyre fitting | & More! |


Vapour blasting

A non-destructive and highly versatile wet media blasting modality, with the ability to restore many parts from old to a virtually new finish.

Click more, for a deeper look at the process, including more before and after images from an array of previously satisfied customers.


Kit, Helmet-fitting and more

Suppliers of the latest Alpinestars gear.

Pro Circuit, Renthal, D.I.D. Chains, Bell helmets, 6D FXR on request, Ride 100%

A full stock of Motul oils
No Toil Air filter cleaner & oil


Miscellaneous lubricants & washes
Race decals
Plastic kits
Special order parts
Approved helmet fitment centre

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Our opening hours
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How to find us
Using the maps button will should bring you the workshop doors.

However, if you are having trouble finding us
We are situated conveniently, just off the A3.

Coming southbound, take the exit signposted Clanfield and Chalton, take the second exit at the roundabout, and you will see us situated on the London Road, ahead of the Hampshire Hog pub.

Specialist Suspension Services

✓ Suspension servicing
✓ Sag setup
✓ Specialist Coatings
✓ Vacuum filling machine
✓ Air-to spring conversions
✓ Shock rebuilding
✓ Fork rebuilding

There is no one size fits all approach when it comes to a serious suspension setup.

We offer bespoke adjustments, with valving tailored to your needs, riding ability and style.

With experience working with amateur riders all the way to international race teams, you can be assured of a quality service, that endures long after the cost is forgotten.

During complete rebuilds, forks and shocks are completely disassembled, cleaned, and rebuilt part-by-part in our dedicated suspension room, using fresh o-rings, oil, and refilled with nitrogen.

Shock shafts & fork stanchions are inspected for damage and polished.

Upper and lower bushings will be inspected and replaced where necessary for correct operation of the unit.

Major work will always be pre-authorised with the customer, before being carried out.

Vapour blasting

The process
Vapour blasting is a process first used in the late 1940’s in the development of the jet engine. Today it is used for removing contaminants, or finishing, a large range of materials, it works using pressurised water and a blast media. It is less aggressive, and produces a more uniform finish with less surface deformation, when contrasted with traditional dry sandblasted surfaces. Mechanical tolerances such as bearing and piston fit also remain unchanged after treatment.

It works by removing the top layer of scale, oxides (rusts), paints, or other material and flushing these away with water simultaneously. This gives the surface an extremely clean satin finish, within a one step process. This is due to the water itself acting as a dampener, the shattered particles of blast media are suspended within the liquid slurry.

This end finish is more resistant to further dirt and oil ingress contamination, closing the pores of the metal with a microscopic peening effect.
This makes vapour-blasting (sometimes called liquid honing), the best option when restoring, refinishing and preparing many parts. Especially so with the likes of complicated shapes such as deep cylinder fins, and the inside of carburettors- where dry blasting is unsuited.

As can been seen in the gallery below, it can be used as a brilliant final finish in its own right, or as a pretreatment before further processes, such as, plating, or painting and other coatings.

We also blast items from other sectors such as for tool cleaning, and die cleaning- for better mould release and so on.

The Results
Below are some examples of what choosing vapour blasting at BCMS can do for you. Click to see the images in a gallery at a higher resolution.

Prices are subject to prior quotation, rather than being fixed. This is since items requiring cleaning, are rarely the same level and nature of contamination.

You are very welcome to give us a call, using the buttons below, for an estimate, or if you are still unsure this is suitable for your own application. Shipping service available.

Engine & wheel building


✓ Engine building
✓ Cylinder repairs
✓ Gearbox rebuilds in-house
✓ Small parts machine lathed
✓ Bearings pressed
✓ Replacement pistons
✓ Rekluse clutches
✓ Crank balancing
✓ Wheel building services
✓ Truing
✓ Respoking
✓ Powder coating on request

Engine parts supplied and fitted. With both OEM, and performance parts available, from a large catalogue of manufacturers.

We will endeavour to find that obscure part for you, and replace only what is necessary, and at your say so.

On-site vapour blasting facility, to assist in your rebuild and restoration needs.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call or a message to discuss your requirements.

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